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"normal" font going bold in Fusion Pro


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Using the font family Univers, the normal version Univers 55 is previewing and composing bold (even heavier than bold). All the other versions of the font (italic, light, bold) will compose & print just fine. It does not give me any errors when composing.


The entire letter is set up in Univers 55 and the pdf sections exported from InDesign prints just fine. Only the salutation for my letter that is variable in FusionPro is printing incorrectly.


I have tried both a postscript and true type version of the font. I have cleared my font cache.


The font works just fine in ID, Illustrator, etc.


The fonts is loaded directly into my system Font folder.


There are a couple other threads where people had a similar issue, but I never saw a solution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Attached is a sample PDF. All the fonts on the page are the same. Just the "Dear Mr. Sample," was set up in a variable frame. The rest of the page is static from ID.


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You need to empty your Fusion Pro Fonts folder and then perform a "Load alll fonts.." from Fusion.


I'm not sure of the location on Windows, but on a mac it is:



For some reason some fonts become corrupt, and use the bold styling, but the kerning from the regular version of the font.

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