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Flowing text between two text boxes on the same page.

Zach Abad

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I am trying to link two variable text boxes on the same pdf page to handle overflow text. I do not want to start a new page to handle the text, but rather have the text just flow to another box on the same page if needed. I found a post from November 2009, where Dan Korn responded to a similar issue. The fix was this:


"...from the FusionPro toolbar, select the "Connect Text Frames" tool (it looks like a few links of a chain). Then click on the frames you want to connect, in the order you want the text to flow."


I have been looking for a way to simply link the text boxes like you do in InDesign, and I thought this was a solution, but I cannot find this option in Fusion Pro Desktop. Can someone let me know if this is even possible?

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