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Different gutter sizes


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Hi guys!


I'm really thrilled about FusionPro, been using it since 2002 (when it was named DL-100) :D


Now I've stumbled into a problem, which I can't seem to solve, we have both a NexPress and an Indigo, the NexPress can do tons of stuff, ie. imposition, but the Indigo lacks this (it's there, but crappy like !"¤"). I then started FPImposer, first time since we just recently got the Indigo, and I can figure out how to do the correct imposition there, with just an exception, I need different gutter sizes, and it seems that I can just type in one value, is this correct?

I'm doing a 4 x 2 impo, and need the vertical gutter to be 5 mm (no problem here), but the horisontal gutter should be 3, 30, 3 mm because the sheets will be cut in half and processed in a punching unit afterwards.


Kind regards,


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Tommy, I'm not sure FP can do custom gutters like that. I've had no luck either.

What you could do is this: Build the 3mm gutter into the pdf, and then in FP Imposer set the gutter to 27mm. Then on the items you want to only have 3mm gutter, click on the grey square and choose "discard space below row" Not as elegant, but it does get the job done.

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Hey guys,


It sounds like what I just went through last week.


My work around was to set the bleed to "0" then add the space under the horizontal and vertical in the Step and repeat tab. It allowed to me to have two different bleed settings.


The only tricky part of it was keeping track of the "discard space and bleed" part when you right click on the preview pane. You should see a gutter when you select the correct one. There may be a some trial and error on this part.



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