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Here are just a few suggestions...things that we have come across that would make things alot easier (for our company at least).


Add File Per Product
- I know that there is an option to enable the user to add file at the product level or order level. But it would be nice if we could use it on a per product basis. This would eliminate confusion on products that don't need the option and still give us better control on which users see the file manager and which users don't (depending on which user groups could see certain products).


Attributes in Versioned Products
- Have an option in the versioned products like you do for Static with Attributes where you can add an additional cost. Say for instance, a business card can have a choice of stock, but one costs more than the other. If attributes were included in Versioned Products, you could include this as a choice with a mark up rather than as a separate product.


Kits with price adjustments
- We love the idea of the kits, but hate the fact that it is a set price. It doesn't allow for the attributes with additional prices to be included. Say for instance a kit includes a T-Shirt, a pen and a key chain. The T-shirt includes sizes XX-Large and XXX-Large for an additional price. There is no way to include that markup in the kit unless you create two different kits.<br>


"Blank" Shipping option on Auto Ship
- Again, we love Auto Ship since it pre-configures the cost of shipping for the customer (which is a requirement for at least one of our custmomers). But it would be nice to have a "Blank" Shipping Option that you could include for the customers who use carriers or on products that we may ship ourselves (Products set as versioned, but includes mailing list for us to send out).


We decided to limit our customers options for a Holiday Program this year because we couldn't get around these limitations (without adding extra confusion). I would be interested to know if anybody else had these problems and how you worked around them so that we might be able to include the options in next year's Holiday Program.


Thank you!


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Hi Tina,


I wanted to follow up on the items you posted.


1) You can enable an additional price/cost based on a dropdown selection in a versioned or variable product form. This can be completed using our Intellingent Forms functionality. Your CPM can give you a summary of how this works and prepare a quote to have it enabled in your store if you'd like.


2) You can use auto ship and custom shipping a a 6.0 store. You could create a custom shipping method called "custom" and instruct the user to enter their instructions in the instructions field on the shipping page.


For your other requests, you can submit them into our ticketing system using the "contact support" link in either the manager or Dashboard.


Thanks for posting!

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