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Each Record including a different size PDF


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I'm looking for some advice/direction. Our customer is supplying a data file and many PDF files.


Each record will have a variable cover letter (no problem) and then after that cover letter we will be printing one of the supplied PDFs. (which we'd like included as part of our Fusion Pro output) Unfortunately, these PDFs always have different page counts.


the 2 things we are trying to figure out are:


1) How can we insert an entire PDF into the Fusion Pro workflow without having to call each PDF page as a seperate graphic file?

2) Is there a way for Fusion Pro to count the number of pages in the customer supplied PDF (per record), so we can use this number in a log file for an external billing process.


Our overall goal will then be to use a postscript output with postscript commands to drive some stock switching between the cover letter and the book (customer supplied PDF).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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