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PPML - duplex- USPS IMB Font HELP


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After suggestions and help from this forum we have this job duplexing correctly by outputting to PPML. BUT we have having one major issue:


If any of the records composed get duplexed (go to the overflow page) only the very first record prints the USPS IMB Font correctly. After the first record it is printing the field data correctly but it is using a default font.


If we only compose records that do not duplex the font prints fine.


We have been working with this job for a few days now, getting to this point and it HAS to mail on Friday 1/28. So I really need to get this issue solved as quickly as possible.


I have attached a file with all the job sample, my PPML output file and logs.


If anyone knows of a solution, PLEASE let me know.


Reading on the forum we have ruled out a few things. The font is postscript, not true type. We are not using the compact version, we are using the standard.


Thanks to everyone for your help!


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