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RTF Credo Pro


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I've run into a font issue that I just can't seem to get around. The font is question is "RTF Credo Pro" (RTFCredoPro-BldRom.otf, RTFCredoPro-LgtRom.otf, RTFCredoPro-RegRom.otf). It works fine in Illustrator and in InDesign. FusionPro, however, refuses to load it. fonts.err shows:


Warning: Font Encoding 'Central European (Mac OS)' not supported in font 'RTF Credo Pro'. Try 'Western (Mac OS Roman)' fonts instead. Font skipped



This is using Acrobat Pro 9, Fusion Pro 7.0P1c on OS X 10.5.8. The same font, used on a Windows XP, works fine in FusionPro.


I've seen these two items which appear similar:





Neither item has a solution, with the former simply ending with a request to have the font sent to support. I have done so. Lauren was able to get the font to load and work simply by copying it to /Library/Fonts/ and then reloading fonts in FusionPro and restarting Acrobat. That has not worked here, and simply results in that error message in the fonts.err file. I just don't get why this font would work in everything else, but not in FusionPro.


Please, please help. I really need to get this to work.



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