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Combining rules: UPCA and Sequential Numbering

Mike Duschak

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Is it possible to combine the sequential numbering rule and the UPCA barcode rule?


My starting number would be 850000 and ending at 970000.


I would need to use the UPCA Barcode rule so the checksum is calculated correctly.


I know the easy way would be the create the list as a CSV and import, but I want to know if there is a way to avoid having to do the extra step of creating a separate file.


Thanks for your help/thoughts on this one!

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I use a combination of two rules;


return FormatNumber("00000000000" 849999 + CurrentRecordNumber());

name that rule "numbering" then make a new rule like this;


return MakeUPCABarcode(Rule("numbering"))

if you are not using UPCA barcodes and you don't need the 11 digits you can use a simpler numbering rule like this


return 849999 + CurrentRecordNumber();

hope this helps.

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