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Font Error

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FusionPro 6.2P1a

System: OSX 10.6.6

Acrobat 9.3.2

Font: Humanist 777 Bold BT (tt0859m_.ttf)

(This is the client's logotype font, I have no option to change fonts.)


Note: have tried TT and T1 versions, have alternately loaded via Suitcase, FontExplorer Pro and via placement in the User/Library/Fonts, always doing the slow laborious "Load Fonts" and restart of Acobat and FusionPro for each test, all with the same results.


This font (used outside the rule) always gets the error: "Font <Humanist 777 Bold BT> normal style is not loaded, using italic style of this font family", when composing. However, the font previews correctly and the resulting composition is correct with Humanist 777 Bold BT.



Using Javascript Global: CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag

Rule: return CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag('<f name="Humanist 777 Bold BT">' + '<z newsize=7>' + Field("Company"), 115)


In an older template the Rule returns a font error upon saving but works correctly for preview and compose.


In a new template, the same Rule returns the error, the preview for that line is blank and compose also leaves the line blank.

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