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Imposition - Problem


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I have the need to create an imposition of a 4 page document. Page size is 8.5 x 11 and and want to print on 11 x 17.5, two sided, with a half inch in between so that when we fold in half that I will have a .25 on the fold to slit off on the folder with a slitter wheel.


Can FusionPro handle this or do I need to create the imposed piece before bringing them into FurionPro. I want to be able to send my customer sample PDF files for proofing. It might be confusing to the customer if it is already imposed.

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I attached a sample imposition template, sample 4 page doc and a sample output pdf.

Hope this helps. I run jobs like this that fold and trim inline.

I proof to my customer without using the imposition template, usually 5-10 records only.



Jeff Newton

Dynamic Solutions Manager

Chameleon Custom Solutions


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