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Setting options for graphic graphic frame in FusionPro Desktop


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I'm including two graphics frames in a business card template, and then letting users either select already uploaded images while in the catalog, or upload their own images when ordering items via the catalog. I have a specific image in the library that I keep testing with, and I just can't get it to look correct.


If you look at the attached screenshot (acrobat-screenshot2.jpg) you can see the area in the template. Here's the image I'm trying to let users select from the library for those frames:


(Any reason we can't attach tiff files on the forum?)


The PDF proof, when selecting that logo for both frames, is also attached (pdf_proof.jpg).


As you can see, I'm using proportional fill, but none of the other options options seem to work, either.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?





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OK, not quite sure if I should start a new thread for this, but it's related to my original question, I'm sure.


Do you seen the strange distortion along the bottom part of the graphic frame in this image:


Any idea what's causing that?



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