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Fusion Pro crashing

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I am still working on this nightmarish sequential numbering job (must deliver completed by Tuesday 11/16), and I have estimated it will take 27 hours to set up. I have zero time to mess around and experiment. ZERO. Yet Fusion Pro WILL NOT allow me to create a rule without quitting Acrobat in between each file. I have 432 files. If I attempt to open the next file and create the rule, FP crashes; I ALWAYS must quit and relaunch Acrobat each and every time - no exceptions. Any quick fix for this? I do not have time to fool around a try this and that - I MUST KEEP PLUGGING AWAY. Only respond if you have a fix.


Running Acro 8.2.5 and FP 6.2P1a on a non-Intel, Power PC Mac with 10.5.8.

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