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Move variable field depending on another variablefield


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I have a problem on a sign-template.


The user fills out Headline, picks an image, Price and Producttext in this sign.


The price is within a speechbubble. I have made the speech bubble as a graphicfield so I can choose where to have it.


The problem is when your setting up a variable graphic field (in this case the product image graphic field) in this template it fills out a certain width and height on the product image that I have set. The problem occurs when I for an example place a bottle (the variable graphic field is set to best fit) in the productimage the speech bubble comes too far away from the product. When I choose another product that are bigger in width the speech bubble comes in a good place.


My questions;


1. Are there any ways to adjust the problem above? I don't think there's any good way other then place a graphic element over the product image or down under the image to come around the problem?



2. Are there any ways to adjust a variable field (text or graphicfield) depending on another. Not just in this case but other cases as well. For an example when a rule removes a text, the text that flows after the variable text will move in that place instead of the removed text.

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FP is very good at what it does do (alter content within frames) but is not good at doing everything (moving frames relative to one another). There are various workarounds that may work for your scenario (i.e. placing multiple graphic frames and populating one or another based on associated rules), but for more complex jobs requiring the frames themselves to alter size or position relative to each other, you may need to consider an alternate application. Unfortunately the other software options I am familiar with do not tend to come as inexpensively as FP -- thus the reason it is still our variable app of choice. :)
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