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Gender Based front and back pages


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This community is amazing and has helped me in so many ways so a really big thanks to eric and others who have helped me. I need a hand to turn on and off pages based on a title field.


Below is my code attempt:


// OnRecordStart

if (Field("Title")) contains (Mr, Mr., Master, Master.)

else {


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What are all the possible values Field("Title") may contain? I'm thinking it might be easier to search for the female values instead. Searching for "Mr" will return a true value for "Mr" and "Mrs" but searching for "Mrs" would ignore a "Mr". There are ways to deal with this using regular expressions, but I always prefer the easiest solution. ;)


To search for a portion of a string in a value you would use the indexOf() function. This replaces your "contain" above. So your IF statement might look something like:

if (Field("Title").indexOf(/Mr(?!\w)|Mr\.|Master/gi > -1)

That long line of gobbledy-gook in the indexOf brackets is the regular expression search. It breaks down as follows:

/ -- initiates and ends a regular expression

(?!\w) -- the parenthesis "()" group a condition "?" saying not "!" another alphanumeric character "\w". This is what allows "Mr" to return true, but not "Mrs".

| -- means OR; this regular expression has 3 scenarios separated by the pipe character "|"; any of the 3 can match to return a value greater than -1

\. -- the backslash escapes the period so that it is treated as a character rather than a code

gi -- the letters outside the forward slashes indicate a global "g", case-insensitive "i" search of the preceding terms

> -1 -- if the search values are not found, the function returns a "-1". If any of the values are present, the function returns the index of the first position where a string begins which means that if the string exists, the return value will be greater than "-1"


Now having said all that, I'm still a bit green when it comes to regular expressions so no promises on my code above! Oh, and although the code may be forgiving, technically you also need a closing curly bracket following your ELSE loop. ;)

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Thanks for your help Eric. I like your suggestions. The possible salutaions for women are:

- Mrs

- Miss

- Ms

- Prof

- Dr


Your help is great Eric. Im about as green as they come so your help has really saved my bacon. Hope you can help with the female values.

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To check for female titles, change the code snippet above to the following:

if (Field("Title").indexOf(/Mrs|Miss|Ms|Prof|Dr/gi > -1)

(Although I'm surprised that a title of "Dr" and "Prof" always infer a female recipient.) If you use this line of code, you do not need the one posted previously -- you would just use an ELSE loop to instruct what to do when the title is not female-oriented.

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