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Server running very slow all of a sudden


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We are running FusionPro Server 5 in command line mode. We use in-house engine software to run our 3 instances simultaneously.


Most of the time fusionpro.exe runs very quickly per instance (usually about a second). Since yesterday afternoon, these times have blown out and each instance is taking between 10 seconds to 2 minutes to run.


The templates aren't very big and only 1 record is being run per instance.


We have plenty of disk space and resources (8GB of memory) and the CPU consumption is low.


Are there any other possiblilties for the slow performance that I am missing?

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We recently realized that the files being used by FP Server were not being managed correctly (out fault) so we had input and output files taking up large chunks of server space. This indirectly affected server performance for us until we set up a cron job to remove outdated files.
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