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Different Outputs---Help


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Hi All


I'm looking to do an basic example in Fusion Pro Desktop to test our ripping software. Any help / suggestions would be good.


I have a single PDF in Acrobat which has an image. I then apply some variable data set up my data file and rules etc.


The issue I have is how I would like to output, I don't actually want the Image (common) to be merged on every page, I only want this to be on page 1 with no variable data and then variable data only on the remaining pages all in one document


As an example :


Page 1 = Image

Page 2 -100 = variable data.


I appreciate this is not the expected way of working but hopefully there is a way of doing this.


Thanks Neil

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That's essentially how the variable data formats work, but the specific output format you use will be based on the digital press you are sending files to. We have an HP Indigo 5000 so we use HP's native JLYT (.jlt files) format. It has some limitations that a static PDF doesn't (i.e. can't use non-integer point sizes for fonts, doesn't like transparency, etc) but it RIPs much faster as it only has to RIP the static information once.


Check the manual for your specific output device and compare that against the output options of FP to find a variable format that works for you the same way.

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Hi Eric


Thanks for that but I require a PDF output.


I have the software which will then be able to rip the data anc cache the common information.


I just need an easy way of having the common data on page one and variable only data on the other pages output to a single PDF.


Regards Neil

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In that case, you could check the box in the output dialog for suppressing static backgrounds. That would produce a PDF with just the variable content which you could then prepend with your static PDF originally used to set up your template.
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