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rule that ignores initial caps or all-caps user input

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I have a graphic rule that allows a user to enter a name in a variable data field and if it matches a what I want it to, it'll return a graphic- -


if (Field("Dealership Name").indexOf(String("Acura")) > -1)


return Resource("Acura.png");


but I want to allow for the possibility that a user may type in all caps or initial caps and or all lower case. As long as the it matches the words, I don't care about the case. How do I amend this rule to do that?


also, what does that "> -1" mean in the first line?





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you could change your IF statement to

if (Field("Dealership Name").toLowerCase().indexOf("acura") > -1)


The toLowerCase method converts your field value to all lowercase which you compare to an all-lowercase string in your indexOf method.


The indexOf method returns the start position of the string you're looking for in the string you're searching. A value of "-1" is returned if there is no match while a value of zero or greater is returned if the string does exist. So the code above is essentially saying "if the string exists anywhere in field value".

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