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Activation Issue


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Just wondering if anyone can help with an activation issue.


On the odd occasion I have cause to deactivate FusionPro when I leave work so that I can continue working at home. I do this by deactivating on my computer at work and then activating on my computer when I get home. I then do the reverse before going back to work again in the morning.


This evening I have the attached error message when I try to activate. I haven't change the version since I last did this at the weekend so I'm confused as to what may have happened. We were using it fine in the office today as well...


I guess what I'm asking is does anyone have this issue? Also, is this an 'OK' thing to do or am I simply asking for trouble? I assumed as there was the option to deactivate/activate that this was what it was intended for.


Thanks for any pointers.






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