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I have a business card for DSF that needs to be updated.  We had been using a REALLY old version of Fusion Pro but we recently updated our computers and went ahead and updated Fusion Pro as well.  I was having an issue with my fusion pro files erroring out in DSF and found out that DSF doesn't support anything past 13.0.  I went ahead and downloaded 13.0 and no longer get the error when uploading my files, however, the preview is not as expected.  I've attached files that I hope will show the issues.   The first is the data I'm inputting in DSF.  The second is what displays (this info is part of my data file, but NOT what I'm typing in DSF), and the third is what a pdf proof from DSF produces.  I've never had this issue before, what am I missing?



2024 HA Business Card_instance.pdf 2024 HA Business Card.zip

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I do not see anything that jumps out to me. But a question I have, did you 'compose' this file before you 'collect'? That might have something to do with it. I was test my jobs that way, before I upload them. If that doesn't fix it, I would try creating a new product in MDSF and see if this one will preview correctly. It might have something to do with uploading a newer Fusion file and then an older one. The system might be confused.

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