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Code-128 Dimensions...


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Good afternoon,


I have to send a drawing with specs for code dimensions and I'm having trouble. From what I can find my code should not be readable... But it is.


What I would like to know is how to calculate code dimensions, mil length, and quiet zones. Is there a minimum dimension that I can use to work with? Is there a standard relationship between code size and quiet zone length? Height to width...? I'm really struggling and I can't find real info anywhere. Are there any standards to reference other than GS1?


What I did find with GS1-128:

GS1-128 specifications- the height of the barcode should be 15% of the length or 0.50 inch (1.3 CM), whichever is greater. The X dimension may range from 10 mils (.025 cm) to 40 mils (.1 cm). When the X dimension used is between 10 and 16 mils, the symbol should be 0.50" tall. When the X dimension used is between 16 and 40 mils, the symbol should be 1.25" tall. The X dimension of 10 mils (0.10") is recommended for use with most handheld scanners.


My 16 char code (not including start/end/check chars) is readable at 16.5mm in length and is approximately 3.7mm in height... how do I spec that? A dirty calculation would be ~3 mils.


Any insight? Should this be posted in "Fonts"?


Thank you,


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Woah! Almost got bumped out of the first spot.


Ok, here's what I've found:


The "minimum" size for readable Code 39 is 5mils for the Motorola LS1203 that I'm using. I contacted Motorola and they said that it is possible for the 1203HD to read smaller than 5mills, but they don't expect it will. The code I am using now is calculated to be 2.299mils (down from the 2.7 I was reading earlier), but let's call it 2.3mils. When I told him what I was reading the rep at Motorola basically called me a liar. I figured if I'm playing with fire I may as well get burned good.


So, what I have found experimentally is that a good printer on some of its lowest quality settings will print CODE-128 at 2.3mils and still be readable by this scanner. I've fiddled with a couple other printers around the teepee and found that even the mediocre units with a label created on old software is printing readable code at this size. Yes it is about half the spec-ed size, but it works. The printers are all thermal printers printing on glossy white stock.



CODE: 128

Label size: 6.4mm x 19.0mm

Code length: spec-ed less than 17mm

Code height: Variable

Characters: 16 + start + end + check

Code size: 2.299mils -> 2.3mils

Paper stock: Glossy white

Print method: Thermal

Readable text: 4p Arial

Other: These are being read at a distance of ~1.5" off a PCA board. This is important because it adds a bit of quiet space around the code.


ON ORDER...: 500k


I feel like Evil Knievel at Caesars! Making it over the fountains is only half the battle... I'll let you know what the landing looks like. :D




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