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Ideas for upcoming releases of FusionPro


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Ideas for upcoming releases of FusionPro.

I have written down some of my request for upcoming releases of FusionPro. A discussion would have been great.



Request: The Edit Flat File data window (Fusion Pro -> Data Definition -> Edit Flat file data). This window needs to be much bigger and resizable for easier overview.


Request: A layerpalette which is reachable like the other palettes in FusionPro. With this tool can you directly (without going to FusionPro menu all the time!) choose which layers is going to show up in which order.


Request: The Webdata collect (define htlm form) window must be bigger as default for easier overview. I also want the seperators that you place in your form to be marked with some color so you easily can get an overview over where the seperators are and where datafields are. Now its just all together.


Request: To be able to edit your records directly from the Preview record selector (so you don't have to edit flat file data all the time in FusionPro menus!)


Request: Auto load fonts. I feel like there should be some nice devolopment regarding a easy fontloader to load all new fonts when exporting from Indesign to FusionPro. To always have to load new fonts when you have new templates is really annoying if you are designing many diffrent templates with diffrent fonts.


Request: Better fonthandling. I know that kerning and other text options in Indesign do not come along with the PDF in FusionPro. But it feels like fusionpro must have more options for handling fonts and fontoptions like kerning and other options that Indesign have. If you can't export the options, please add some options in FusionPro to complement for us templatedesigners. Many customers expect that the text looks like the Indesign file if they send that as a base for the template.


Request: When working with images, I want full support for images with clipping path/transparency in FusionPro. In the printing industry we often get pictures from companies which have clipping paths.


These are some of the issues I have when doing templates in FusionPro 6.2 for the moment.

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