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How to create a drop down box for changing text size

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We have a text field that a user inputs a paragraph of text. We establish a method to change the font size of that field. The problem is the user needs to enter the point size of the text. Like 8, 10, or 12. When we created this option, it is a fill-in field. What is needed is a drop-down box so a user can only select a certain value. With a fill in field the user enters whatever they want even though we do have min and max point size set. Any ideas.




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Hi Alex,


It sounds like you are using a format field in the Manager in order to allow the user to modify the point size of these fields. I just tested this, and you are correct, this is always a fill-in field.


Another option would be to support the adjustment of the point size via a JavaScript rule in your template, this would allow you to use a regular template field which you could then specify as a dropdown.



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