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How to set an order limit for a user and than go to an approver if over that limit.

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We have a customer who wants to set their users to a $ limit for the amount of products they can order. After that it needs to go to an approver for approval of the orders placed.

So if we set a user at $500, They can only order up to and including $500 of product. If they order $501 or greater, they need approval from a manager. So we are trying to turn a purchaser into a requester if they go over their spend limit.

How do we do this? Budget does not seem to have the functionality to offer an approver switch for orders over a certin amount.

Any ideas.


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There is not a way to do this and at least at this point in time there are no plans to introduce that functionality.


However sometime in Q4 2010 or Q1 2011 you will have the ability to have multiple payment methods on an order. For instance if someone goes over their allotted budget they would be able to cover the difference using a credit card.


Jeff Stehman

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