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Launch into a Catalog Folder

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1) Can I make it so when the customer logs in the launch page is the catalog page but a specified folder is open so they will see the products in that folder (instead of the name of the folder with the drop-down carrot)?


2) Can I remove the catalog tree from the left side on the catalog page?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Teresa,


Folder visibility is established by Group so you could set it up so Group A sees one folder on the Catalog tab and Group B sees another. Alternately you could have them launch to the Home tab and we could provide links to specific folders for you to add to that page. All users would see the same thing on the Home tab regardless of group association though.


Yes, you can remove the catalog tree but we have to do it from here so if you email support@printable.com with the store name we can turn it off for you.


Jeff Stehman

Technical Support | Printable Technologies Inc.

jstehman@printable.com | http://www.printable.com

858.847.6622 direct | 800.220.1727 office

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We wanted to make sure the particular group's products were shown when they first log in (not the featured items or closed folders). I just ended up throwing the products loose in the catalog and using the catalog as the launch page, but I'm hoping that is a temporary fix. I'm tempted to see if I can eliminate the "home" page all together, but we haven't decided on that yet.


Thanks for the note on the catalog tree. If we keep the items loose in the catalog we might end up removing the tree, but I'm not sure if we'd want to if we're going to organize the products in folders; I'd have to check with my boss and see what he wants to do.


Thanks again!

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