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SAMPLE - Creating Sequential Numbering


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This sample job shows you how to set up an event ticket, or similar item, and apply sequential numbering.After downloading the file, open the two rules and read what each is doing.


Then, go to FusionPro > Compose... and, under the Input tab, change the record range. Put the start of the sequence in the first text box and the end of the sequence in the second text box.




  • This works with FusionPro Desktop and Server only.
  • This uses the TrueType™ face, Impact. If you do not have Impact installed and loaded, you will receive a message about a missing font. However, the job will still be viewable.
    This uses the barcode font IDAutomation128M. If the barcode does not appear, go to FusionPro > Advanced > Load Fonts.


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