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variables not outputting

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I just upgraded from FP 3.x to FP 7.0P1d


I opened a file that I've been using for years. It uses a column in my mail file to pull information from another tab-delimited file.


When I go to rules and validate the OnJobStart rule, the expression is OK. When I validated the other information that is pulled from the second delimited file, everything validates with the correct variable text and graphics.


The graphic resources are all OK.


However, when I preview, all of these variables are blank... none of the variable images show... same when I compose, the output file also does not show any information from the second delimited file.


My mailing address, which is the primary input file, all shows up correctly.


I have tried deleting and recreating the graphic frames with no improvement.

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At the same time of posting this, I contacted support through their online form on the web site.


I was helped there.


The problem was in my OnJobStart. I was referencing my ExternalDataFile... but at some point between v3 and v7, this was changed to ExternalDataFileEx


It is working now.



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