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Overflowing Table on Second page


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I know that I'm close.


I have utilized this forum to create a variable "statement" report with 200 records and over 750 supporting "transactions" which show as a table in the "details" section of the PDF. I've formated all cells to fit as many transactions as I can in the text frame using margins, truncating data in some cells, etc.


The text frame can only fit up to 34 transaction lines using the formatting.

There are 2 records which have more than 34 transaction lines. My intent is to get these extra lines to move to a second page when this instance happens.


I've tried the "overflow" page in FP, but cannot seem to get it to work. Because this is an external data file for the transactions, will this require some more java scripting? Can someone point me in the right direction? My head seems to be full of information getting to this point and I am not sure where to turn.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Edit: Solution


I went back and took a second look at the Overflow Page. My preview did not show the overflow except to give me a blue line at the bottom of the text frame on the body page. When I composed the record I knew would not fit, the second page showed up as expected.


On to more "Detailing" this report.


Those that find this post should continue to search the forum for thier solutions. I combined upwards of 15-20 threads information to compile this report (quite complex, in my opinion). Dan Korn and his java scripting ideas have helped me the most. Including how to make the scripting make more sense in the flow of my transaction table rule.

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