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Complex Pricing Question

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I am trying to make a site for ordering custom posters. I need to make pricing so that all options have a price based on square footage to add to the cost. [for instance the gator foam costs $X/square foot, lamination costs $Y/square foot, etc.].


As far as I can tell pricing can only be added per unit, or as a flat fee. This is a problem because square footage is not the same as units, and a flat fee does not apply.


Is there anyway to make a rule that would fill the space in a template field based on another template field.

For instance have a length field, width field, and square foot field. The square foot field would be hidden. Once an input was put in for length and width, the rule would calculate 'Length X Width ==N', then set '(field(square foot)==N).

It would then have to fill the template field with 'N' so that an 'N' value in the square foot field would add '$Z' to the total costs as a flat fee because square foots effect has already been calculated. This same concept would then be repeated for "square foot X matte fee == A" and so on for all other options with their own template field to fill based on other template fields.


Or is it possible to have these calculations done in excel where the field value for square foot would be one value of the spread sheet. and cost would equal that column multiplied by an arbitrary per square foot price to a create a new flat fee that would incorporate the square footage.


Any suggestions on how to do this, if it is even possible, or any other suggestions on how to accomplish this task would be appreciated




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