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Inserting formatted type as a Rule


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At some point I found instructions showing me a Rule interface that looked exactly like a text frame control. This allowed for the creation of formatted text to be chosen like a Rule and placed into a text frame.

The problem I'm trying to figure out is how to have superscript $ and cents so that $5.00 would have tiny dollar sign and cents value. Ideally as a single rule to be placed into a text frame so it can be controlled as a single object.

I have tried to search in the Forums and I keep getting the same cases listed on almost all the links retired in the search. No matter how I phrase my request.

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You might be thinking of "Create Resources" in the Steps palette. Add / Formatted Text / Edit.

Even if you go this route though, if your data has embedded $ or cents, you will still need a rule to setup the superscript.

I think I would forgo that and just setup a formatting rule for your amount field like this:

var amount = Field("Amount").replace(/[^0-9.,]/g, "").split(".");

return '<superscript>$</superscript>' + amount[0] + '<superscript>' + amount[1] + '</superscript>';

This calls in your amount, removes any non numerical entity, like a dollar sign, then splits it into an array with 2 sections at the decimal point.

Then you are returning a superscript $, the dollar amount (at index 0), then superscript cents (at index 1).

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