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I need to create a graphic rule that accomplishes the following. *Note: This is for a rule using MarcomCentral:

I have a set of users who belong to a specific group, and they have the option to include a special image on their business cards. These users have been identified through TPAs. I want to provide my users with the choice to decide whether they want to include the image on their cards or not. However, it's important to note that not all of my users are members of this particular group. Therefore, if a user who isn't part of the group decides to include the image on their card, the rule should take precedence over their selection of "yes."

Example Scenarios:

Scenario 1 (Manager):

User: John (Manager)
Choice: "Yes, I want the logo."
Result: John's business card includes the special logo.

Scenario 2 (Manager):

User: Sarah (Manager)
Choice: "No, I don't want the logo."
Result: Sarah's business card does not include the special logo.

Scenario 3 (Regular Employee):

User: Mike (Regular Employee)
Choice: Mike has no choice in this matter since he's not a Manager. The rule ensures that the logo is not added to his business card, even if he somehow selects "Yes."
This rule ensures that only Managers have the option to include the special image on their business cards, while Regular Employees are excluded from this choice.

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You can do something like this in OnRecordStart to control the visibility of the graphic frame.

FindGraphicFrame("Manager Logo Frame Name").suppress = (Field("TPA Group Field") != "Manager" || Field("Manager Logo") == "No, I don't want the logo.");

You need to name the logo frame and put whatever field you have in there that you mentioned was in the TPAs.

This works by checking if they are not a "Manager" then it will be true and suppressed OR if they choose No then it will be suppressed.

Also, if the managers are part of a Marcom Group you can filter the Yes/No dropdown so that only managers can see the Yes option. With the above rule in place they will still be suppressed for non managers but it will make more sense for them if they can't ever choose Yes to begin with.

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