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QR Barcodes?


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Hi all,


Has anyone used QR barcodes in a project yet?

Is it as easy as just choosing a QR font for a field? <she asked hopefully>

Or do you have to generate specific code or a graphic?




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Based on these two older threads:

2D Barcodes

QR code

I don't think FP offers QR support yet. Due to the nature of a QR barcode (2D), I don't know that it would be as simple as assigning a font to your data <he states doubtfully>. I'm guessing that you would have to generate your codes as graphics outside of FP first and then import them as graphic resources.

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According to IDAutomation you should be able to generate a string and place this in your data (using one of their techniques in the link below) and then apply a font.




They also have a canned application that generates barcodes.



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