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how to remove text?


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hello, i have a field named Title in my template. in this field there will be different job titles flowing in, but as an example lets use the bottom title:

DBA / CDC: Marketing Manager

what i need is a rule that will remove anything before the ":" but then also remove the ":" and space after it. i should end up with just:

Marketing Manager


the common denominator in all job titles that flow into the template is the ":" character and space afterward.

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I didn't actually test this, but I believe it's correct:

var title = Field("Title");
// determine position of colon in string
var colonLoc = title.indexOf(":");
// remove chars to left of colon plus colon itself
title = Right(title, title.length-colonLoc-1);
// remove any leading or trailing spaces
title = Trim(title);
return title;

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In this case a split would work nicely. The CustType would be equal to everything to the left of the colon character and CustType2 would be equal to everything on the right of the colon. Using the .split would be similar to using TextToColumns in Excel. Whatever character you enter inside the quotes becomes your delimiter. Since it is zero based the 1st value is [0], the second value is [1], and so on...







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Hi all, could anyone tell me the code to remove a character to the right of a field? Lets say the "name" field contains someones name but there is an asterisk directly next to it. Can I keep the name and remove the asterisk?




You can try this:

var corName = Field("Name"); // Replace with your field name.

corName = corName.replace(/\*$/, ''); // If there is more than one asterisk, this removes the last asterisk only.

return Trim(corName); // Trims all leading and trailing white space and returns your field with the last asterisk removed.

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