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Give Options to Some Users


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I am trying to write a rule that does the following:

All of my users have TPA's (Text Profile Attributes) associated with their accounts, but only some of them have a mobile number associated with them. For the users that don't have a mobile number, I would like to give them a dropdown to choose from. However, I want to restrict the users with a mobile number to include the numbers from the dropdown.


John has a mobile number of 000.000.0000

Jerry doesn't have a mobile number; however, he can choose from the following: 111.111.1111, 222.222.2222, 333.333.3333

John cannot choose 111.111.1111, 222.222.2222, 333.333.3333 because he already has 000.000.0000 associated with his account; for this reason, the system can only output 000.000.0000.

Another important thing to note. I would like my users to choose from the dropdown; therefore, they can choose from Option 1= 111.111.1111, Option 2= 222.222.2222, Option 3= 333.333.3333. The user won't be able to see the numbers until they preview it; they can only see Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3 initially.


If anyone can assist me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Are you using MarcomCentral? Where is the dropdown coming from?

If it is MarcomCentral, I think you would need what they call iForms to set up the phone numbers for each person. Problem is, they are separate from Profile Attributes, so there's no way for the customer to fill out those dropdowns. You would have to manage that. Another thing that makes this a challenge is hiding the dropdown if the phone number in the attribute is populated. It might just make more sense to make all of them part of the dropdown, including if there is only one number. But again, that isn't something the customer can maintain themselves. I would be on your end only.

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