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Image fitting into graphic frame


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My client has requested this when a logo is uploaded:

We want the logo to fit into the allocated space while staying proportional, filling up the space either by height or width (whichever is met first). Can it require that the logo is EITHER at least 225px tall OR 300px wide? Rather than requiring both. 

I reached out to MarcomSupport about this as I thought I had setup my template correctly. He had me change my graphic frame from "Proportionate Fill" to "Best Fit", which I have done but am still getting the same outcome.

I'm wondering if instead of using the graphic frame for the scale, if a rule should be used and if so - how do I begin to write that code?

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Is the requirement something on MarcomCentral or something else? You don't really explain what the "it" is in "Can it require".

Regardless, Proportionate Fill is definitely what you want not Best Fit. I don't think support fully understood what you were asking for, which is more about changing how the image limits are handled. If you are using MarcomCentral I think all you can set is DPI. That has little to do with any code you can add in the template. Maybe you can be more specific on how your limits are being imposed on the customer.

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My apologies for being vague

"It" is referring to when the customer is using Marcom to upload their logo to the template.

My scenario is that the logo the client is uploading is 500 px x 180 px @ 150 DPI.

The minimum requirement is that the logo be 300 px x 225 px @ 150 DPI

Since the clients logo meets the 300 px width requirement but does not meet the 225 px height requirement, the client would like the system to still accept the logo since the width requirement is met.


If you are using MarcomCentral I think all you can set is DPI.

The above statement is correct. On the MarcomCentral platform, I can only set what the minimum DPI is.

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I think you have the answer already in that what they want is not part of the functionality. You can always ask Marcom about custom development.

One workaround might be to set the frame to be a square in the center of the area the logo is to appear. Set it to Proportionate Fill and turn off the clipping icon. This should then check the dpi based on the smaller dimension. The only issue you would run into is if someone uploaded a logo that was extremely wide or tall that would push beyond the boundaries of where you might want. If you can post a generic version of the template it would be a lot easier to come up with a solution.

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