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Calculating date differences


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//function copied from [url="http://www.mcfedries.com/JavaScript/DaysBetween.asp"]Paul McFedries'[/url] website
function days_between(date1, date2) {

   // The number of milliseconds in one day
   var ONE_DAY = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24

   // Convert both dates to milliseconds
   var date1_ms = date1.getTime()
   var date2_ms = date2.getTime()

   // Calculate the difference in milliseconds
   var difference_ms = Math.abs(date1_ms - date2_ms)

   // Convert back to days and return
   return Math.round(difference_ms/ONE_DAY)


//get current date
var today = new Date();

//convert data for last visit to date format
var lastVisit = new Date(Field("Date"));

//determine days between two dates
var totalDays = days_between(today, lastVisit);

return totalDays;

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