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Table formatting


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:confused: I am new to FusionPro and new to javascript, so be patient with me. I will be using it a lot, so I have a lot to learn.


I am trying to set up a variable table and I am having trouble with some of the formatting.


This is the table I wrote and I will tell you what I need it to do.


<table columns = 4>

<column width = 21600>

<column width = 9200>

<column width = 9200>

<column width = 9200>


<row type = "header"><cell><br>Benefit<cell><br>Your

Cost<cell><b>Spectrum<br>Health's Cost</b><cell><br>Total Cost

<row><cell>Current Protection

<row><cell>Medical<cell>$  <variable name="YourCost"><cell>$  <variable name="SHCost"><cell>$  <variable name="TotalCost">

<row><cell>Dental<cell><variable name="YCDental"><cell><variable name="SHDental"><cell><variable name="TCDental">

<row><cell>Vision<cell><variable name="YCVision"><cell><variable name="SHVision"><cell><variable name="TCVision">

<row><cell>Subtotal<cell>$  <variable name="YCSubtotal"><cell>$  <variable name="SHSubtotal"><cell>$  <variable name="TCSubtotal">




I need to make the header row, Subtotal row and Current Protection row bold.



I need to tighten up the leading of the rows between "Current Protection" and "Subtotal"



I need a thin rule under "Current Protection" row and "Vision" row



I need to make the numbers cells 2, 3 & 4 right justified or aligned right


Can you help?



It takes me forever to find where to post a thread. Not even sure how I finally got here. But I was very happy with your help last time.

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