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Adobe crash after installing Fusion Pro

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I'm using Xp SP3 and Adobe Acrobat 9.3.1. I often sign pdf documents with the sign&verify option.

After installation of Fusion PRO, Arcrobat crashes after signing a document.

First a "Data Execution Prevention" error post up, then a "acrobat encountered a problem" popup


I Chaned the advised setting to exclude acrobat from the data execution prevention, but same error when signing.


See attached files for the error log and the displayed errors.


What can I do to use Fusion Pro AND he Sign option?


Kind regards Marcel







error dump.zip

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We were able to recreate this issue here as well. A bug has been entered into our isue tracking system and sent to our development team for analysis.


Unfortunately, it appears that the only resolution for this issue is to remove FusionPro from the Acrobat plug-ins folder. We hope to resolve this in an upcoming release of the FusionPro product and appologize for the inconvenience.

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