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FusionPro Links - February 2010 Release!


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Hello everyone,


In case you missed the email announcement, Printable released the February 2010 update to FusionPro Links on Wednesday night, February 24th.


This release was smaller than the January 2010 release but it contains a highly sought-after enhancement that numerous customers were requesting - Email Response to Microsite Visitors.


With this new capability, a campaign administrator can configure an HTML email reply that should sent to a Microsite visitor to add yet another personal touch-point to the overall campaign.


Options for this new feature (which is set in a new section in the "Edit Campaign" screen), include the ability to specify the source of the email address (either from the list data or from a form submit), which form submit on the Microsite is to trigger the email to be sent, and of course the email message itself.


Additional information on this capability is included in the FusionPro Links help system for those interested.

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