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Reset Imposition Sheet Number on New Output File

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Hi all,

We are printing graduation tickets for a school district with several schools within.

Each school has its own art and number of tickets ordered. School A has 600 tickets, School B has 200 tickets, etc.

Right now I have all the schools in one data file, with a OnRecordStart rule setting the repeatRecordCount for the number of tickets printed per file and starting a new output file when the repeat count is 1, and an OnNewOutputFile rule creating and renaming each output file by Name of School, Qty Ordered, etc. when the School name changes.

Everything is outputting as expected. The problem I am running into, though, is that I usually use a text box on a Template page to print the sheet numbers during imposition. Typically I use the «$impositionsheetnumber» variable. However, this is the first time I am imprinting a sheet number while also creating separate output files based on a field changing. So as of right now, the first output file has the correct sheet numbers, but then the file following that one picks up where the last file left off (for example, if file 1 has 100 sheets, file 2 will start with sheet number 101).

I would like the sheet number to reset back to 1 for each new output file, if possible. Is that possible?


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