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Sequencing order.

Tony Olivas

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I just came up with an issue today with sequencing order.


OK. I have a 55,860 record data file which I'm breaking up into 10K batches.

So, far I have completed 30K or so I thought.


In the input range box I'm entering manaully from 1 thru 10000 for the first 10K but what I got was 1-9990. Ten short of 10000. Then on the next 10K I got 9991-19980 twenty short of 20000. The pattern continued with another 30 short of 30000 but ending with 19981-29970. I'm ok with it starting and stopping in perfect sequence but is it skipping in increments of 10.


My records are in perfect sequence and I have set up FPimposer to infinte stack.I tried using the output to multiple files feature but error'd out saying that the imposition setting was conflicting. Thus giving me one big file.


Any reason why this is happening. BTW-I'm using version 4.2 because of speed issues with my older MAC and Adobe Acrobat 7 software.





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