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FusionPro Links - January 2010 Release!


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Hello everyone,


As you have hopefully already heard, Printable has released some significant enhancements to FusionPro Links. These enhancements are based off of continual feedback from our customers and represent many of the most sought-after new pieces of functionality in the product.


Here's an overview of the new functionality:



  • Personalized URLs with Personalization in Front of URL - In addition to personalization at the end of the URL (vip.domain.com/JohnSmith), a Campaign can now be generated with Personalized URLs at the beginning of the URL (JohnSmith.domain.com)


  • Secure HTTPS Option for Campaigns - Campaigns can now utilize SSL encryption for Microsite visitors


  • Include Form Response Data in Notification Emails - An option to include form response data in notification emails has been added


  • Microsite Example to Pass Data to Subsequent Pages - A sample Microsite that shows the ability to collect form data, record that as a form response, and make that form data available to a subsequent page in the Microsite is now available


  • Campaign Grouping By Status - All campaigns in the "View/Create Campaign" and "Response Overview" pages are now grouped by their status - Draft, Active, or Ended


  • Campaign Notification Emails with HTML Formatting - All campaign activity notifications are now HTML emails as opposed to plain text. This allows for some extensive customization of the appearance of the notification emails


  • Campaign Sorting in Response Overview Screen - Campaigns in the "Response Overview" page can now be sorted by name, create date, start date, or end date


  • Microsite Variables with %%variable%% Notation - In addition to the <[variableName]> variable notation, variables can also be entered using %%variableName%% notation


  • Links Menus Visible When Following Notification Link - When the link to the FusionPro Links system provided in an email notification is followed, that user will now see the FusionPro Links menu system after logging in


  • Notifications Section UI Changes - Some slight UI changes to the Notifications section have been made


  • Reporting Infrastructure Improvements - Reporting backend improvements have been made to improve the speed of report generation.

Current customers will be able to take immediate advantage of these new features by simply logging into the FusionPro Links interface. In addition, the FusionPro Links help content (accessible via the "Help" link in the upper-right of the FusionPro Links UI) has been updated to reflect the new functionality.


So to all FusionPro Links customers out there - enjoy the new release!

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Ive done this and set my logo, yet it still takes me to the page with the FP logo and not ours.


Enter a Portal URL, if applicable. The purpose of the Portal URL is used to provide Portal Users access to a non-Printable or FP Links branded login page that redirects them to the FP Links Portal. The Portal URL is also used in any Campaign Response email Notifications and must be different from the Host Name/URL used for a Campaign.

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