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Variable Data on a 4up PDF


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I'm new to FusionPro, so forgive me if there's a really obvious solution to this that I'm overlooking.


I'm setting up a Mail Merge using FusionPro to place address information onto a postcard. So far, easy. Importing my data file, laying out the text fields, and inserting the data into them was a snap without problems.


The problem I am having is that the PDF I was supplied is 4up with bleeds, already imposed onto a single page. I can create text fields on each card without problem, but they all display the same record at the same time, without regard for the other fields the data is being displayed in.


Is there a way that I can get each field to display a separate record simultaneously, and not display records that have already appeared in other text fields? Without going back and cutting my data file into four pieces, I mean. I imagine there's a way to set up a Rule for this, but I don't know how.


Any information you can supply to me would be very welcome, and for it you would have my thanks.

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Search around here for multiple records per page. There are a few ways to accomplish this.


I would strongly suggest though that you try to get an unimposed pdf file to work with. If this is a standard mailing, then it needs to be kept in order and will require a ton of data manipulation to get it to print right using a pre-imposed 4up approach. Unless you want to make your poor cutter operator hand collate them :eek:

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