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Create multiple pdf files from the same data source


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I have a VDP job with 45,000 lines. Currently I create 1 large pdf and use the print set up in Acrobat to print from a range (ie: 1 - 1000, 1001 - 2000)

Can I automate this at the composing stage, by creating multiple .pdf files


I Can then use the Printer software to drop the pdf fils created onto the Watched folders without me having to manually do this. I have 3 printers which means I constantly forget which printer has been sent which set!!!


Would be a great help and you may have noticed that I am no Javascript expert.



Neill (UK user)

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There is an option on the Output tab of the Compose dialog box for outputting in chunks where the user specifies the number of records per chunk. Output file names are appended with an underscore number (_#) to indicate sequence of resulting files.
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