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Rule font callout not working


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I have a rule that is calling out to Wingdings 3, for "p" which should be a filled in Triangle. Instead it is returning Wingdings, which is a hollow Square. The font is working when I type it in a text box, so I know the font itself isn't corrupted.


I then made a tagged resource and viewed it to ensure I had the font name correct, I did.


Any ideas?


My snippet of code is as follows.


if (Field("Fax") != "")


return "<f name=Wingdings 3>" + "<z newsize=8>" + "p" + "<f name=Arial>" + "<z newsize=9>" + String("Fax: ") + Field("Fax");



return "";

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I won't swear it, but I think you need to put quotes around your font name, especially since it has a space in the name. You'll have to escape the quotes so your revision will look something like: "<f name=\"Wingdings 3\">" plus the rest of your code above.
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