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FusionPro VDP Suite v6.1P1m for Windows patch release available


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Hello everyone,


A patch release for the FusionPro VDP suite for Windows - version 6.1P1m - has been released. This is an update from the last release of the FusionPro VDP suite for Windows - v6.1P1e.


Version 6.1P1m for Windows addresses 8 issues. Please view the FusionPro VDP Software Version History page for additional details on the items addressed in this release.


This release is complementary to all FusionPro VDP 6.x customers (your FusionPro VDP 6.x serial number can be used to install this release).


FusionPro VDP 6.x customers can download the 6.1P1m release from the FusionPro VDP Software Download page.


Please refer to the FusionPro VDP Software Installation instructions prior to installing the software.


Note: This release has been tested with the MarcomCentral system and is supported. MarcomCentral customers with a FusionPro 6.x serial number can download 6.1P1m for Windows and use it in their production work for VDP template design for the MarcomCentral system.


Thank you, everyone.

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