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Old January 11th, 2021, 12:53 PM
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Default Truncated text

Overflow page Text is truncated.

I have a javascript rule written that returns non-formatted text based off a supplied number. In this result the number given is 555. The script returns groups of 100 up to the given qty. Each group is separated by a newline
    var finalCount = Field("Qty");//Keeps the final record count being printed by groups
    var myCount = finalCount;//Will be used to determine the number of groups (100ea) needed for qty printing
    var myIndex1 = 1;//Lowside number of every output group range
    var myIndex2 = 100;//Highside number of every output group range
    var myAnswer = [];//Array to hold the collected groups

    myCount = myCount/100;//breaks records to be printed by 100
    myCount = Math.ceil(myCount);//always rounds up 100 group count

    for (i = 0; i < myCount; i++) {
        if (myCount == 1) {
            myAnswer.push("1 thru " + finalCount);
        if (myCount == i + 1) {
            myAnswer.push(myIndex1 + " thru " + finalCount);
        myAnswer.push(myIndex1 + " thru " + myIndex2);
        myIndex1 = myIndex1 + 100;
        myIndex2 = myIndex2 + 100;
    return myAnswer.join("\n");
1 thru 100
101 thru 200
201 thru 300
301 thru 400
401 thru 500
501 thru 555
This result is being passed to a text block that will show 1 line but is set to overflow the copy to a new page and continue in this fashion until all lines go onto a page. The problem I'm running into is the 2nd to last page is truncated and that result moves to the last overflow and the last line doesn't show at all. I've also included the test file I was working on this in the attached zip. I'm not 100% certain if this is the code or some other flaw in my setup that I'm overlooking.
Any help?

Tks George
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