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Old July 30th, 2019, 03:51 PM
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Default Suppress empty rows in a table

This is my first time creating a table and I am having a problem supressing the empty rows. I read the other post about this issue but the solution in that post would not work for me, I received a message stating "no results".

Here is my script:

var table = new FPTable;
table.Rows[0].Type = "Header";
table.Rows[0].Cells[0].Bold = "On";
table.Rows[0].SetContents("Order Number", "Item Number", "Item Description");
table.Rows[1].SetContents(Field("Order#"), Field("Item 1"), Field("Desc 1"));
table.Rows[2].SetContents("", Field("Item 2"), Field("Desc 2"));
table.Rows[3].SetContents("", Field("Item 3"), Field("Desc 3"));
table.Rows[4].SetContents("", Field("Item 4"), Field("Desc 4"));
table.Rows[5].SetContents("", Field("Item 5"), Field("Desc 5"));
table.Rows[6].SetContents("", Field("Item 6"), Field("Desc 6"));
table.Rows[7].SetContents("", Field("Item 7"), Field("Desc 7"));
table.Rows[8].SetContents("", Field("Item 8"), Field("Desc 8"));
table.Rows[9].SetContents("", Field("Item 9"), Field("Desc 10"));
table.Rows[10].SetContents("", Field("Item 9"), Field("Desc 10"));
table.Rows[11].SetContents(Field("Order#2"), Field("Item 1-2"), Field("Desc 1-2"));
table.Rows[12].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-2"), Field("Desc 2-2"));
table.Rows[13].SetContents("", Field("Item 3-2"), Field("Desc 3-2"));
table.Rows[14].SetContents("", Field("Item 4-2"), Field("Desc 4-2"));
table.Rows[15].SetContents("", Field("Item 5-2"), Field("Desc 5-2"));
table.Rows[16].SetContents(Field("Order#3"), Field("Item 1-3"), Field("Desc 1-3"));
table.Rows[17].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-3"), Field("Desc 2-3"));
table.Rows[18].SetContents("", Field("Item 3-3"), Field("Desc 3-3"));
table.Rows[19].SetContents(Field("Order#4"), Field("Item 1-4"), Field("Desc 1-4"));
table.Rows[20].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-4"), Field("Desc 2-4"));
table.Rows[21].SetContents(Field("Order#5"), Field("Item 1-5"), Field("Desc 1-5"));
table.Rows[22].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-5"), Field("Desc 2-5"));
table.Rows[23].SetContents("", Field("Item 3-5"), Field("Desc 3-5"));
table.Rows[24].SetContents("", Field("Item 4-5"), Field("Desc 4-5"));
table.Rows[25].SetContents("", Field("Item 5-5"), Field("Desc 5-5"));
table.Rows[26].SetContents("", Field("Item 6-5"), Field("Desc 6-5"));
table.Rows[27].SetContents(Field("Order#6"), Field("Item 1-6"), Field("Desc 1-6"));
table.Rows[28].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-6"), Field("Desc 2-6"));
table.Rows[29].SetContents("", Field("Item 3-6"), Field("Desc 3-6"));
table.Rows[30].SetContents(Field("Order#7"), Field("Item 1-7"), Field("Desc 1-7"));
table.Rows[31].SetContents(Field("Order#8"), Field("Item 1-8"), Field("Desc 1-8"));
table.Rows[32].SetContents("", Field("Item 2-8"), Field("Desc 2-8"));
table.Rows[33].SetContents("", Field("Item 3-8"), Field("Desc 3-8"));
table.Rows[34].SetContents(Field("Order#9"), Field("Item 1-9"), Field("Desc 1-9"));
return table.MakeTags();

Any help would be greatly apprciated.
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Old August 1st, 2019, 06:14 PM
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Default Re: Suppress empty rows in a table

Originally Posted by gshaw View Post
This is my first time creating a table and I am having a problem supressing the empty rows. I read the other post about this issue but the solution in that post would not work for me, I received a message stating "no results".
What do you mean you "received a message?" Was this a message in the composition log (.msg) file from the FusionPro composition? Or did you see that message somewhere else?
Originally Posted by gshaw View Post
Here is my script:
I can't really do much with that code, without what would seem to be your fairly complex data file that has all those data fields in it. Having that, or even better, the collected template, would make it easier to reproduce what you're seeing and offer specific suggestions.

I will say, though, that a couple of "for" loops would greatly reduce the repetitiveness of the code, and make it a bit more obvious how to simply not output rows with empty data. Something like this:
var table = new FPTable;
var header = table.AddRow();
header.Type = "Header";
header.Cells[0].Bold = "On";
header.SetContents("Order Number", "Item Number", "Item Description");

for (var order = 1; order <= 9; order++)
    var orderText = Field("Order#" + (order == 1 ? "" : order));
    for (var item = 1; item <= 9; item++)
        var itemNum = (order == 1) ? "" : order + "-";
        itemNum += item;
        if (!Field("Item " + itemNum) || !Field("Desc " + itemNum))
            continue; // skip empty rows
        var row = table.AddRow();
        row.SetContents(orderText, Field("Item " + itemNum), Field("Desc " + itemNum));
        orderText = ""; // show on first row of each order only
return table.MakeTags();
Again, though, this is a shot in the dark without having the data file.
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