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Old September 20th, 2021, 06:31 AM
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Default Using custom phone labels from a field in a QR code

I'm trying to allow the user to select the label for a phone number they want to appear in a QR code using a field, however I'm having trouble getting the QR code to use the contents of the field. The entire rule I'm using is below for reference, however the line I'm trying to figure out is :

"TEL;type=Toll Free": Field("TollFree"),

This seems to work fine and displays the label as Toll Free, then the number correctly. However I'm trying to change it to something like this:

"TEL;type=' + Field('C1Label') + '": Field("TollFree"),

With that it is displaying the literal string ' + Field('C1Label') + '

I'm guessing it has to do with using different single / double quotes to delineate what should be interpreted as JavaScript vs displayed as literal text but I can't quite figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated!

-Jake Merrick

Entire rule:
//Function to Make a QR code without truncating font size

function MakeQRBarcodePreciseSize(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde, EncodingMode, ErrorCorrection, PreferredFormat, PointSize, NoFontTag, Font)
var encoded = EncodeQRBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde, EncodingMode, ErrorCorrection, PreferredFormat, PointSize, NoFontTag, Font);

var ReplacedBR = ReplaceSubstring(encoded, "\r\n", "<br>");
var ReplacedSpaces = ReplaceSubstring(ReplacedBR, " ", "");

if (isNaN(PointSize))
return ReplacedSpaces;

var WithPointSize = "<z newsize=\"" + Number(PointSize) + "\">" + ReplacedSpaces;
if (NoFontTag)
return WithPointSize;

var WithFontTag = "<f name=\"" + Font + "\">" + WithPointSize;

return WithFontTag;

// vCard 3.0 format
// http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/vCard

var info = {
N: ToTitleCase(Field("LastName")) + ';' + ToTitleCase(Field("FirstName")) + ';;;;',
FN: ToTitleCase(Field("FirstName")) + ' ' + ToTitleCase(Field("LastName")),
TITLE: ToTitleCase(Field("Title1")),
"TEL;type=Phone": Field("Phone"),
"TEL;type=Toll Free": Field("TollFree"),
EMAIL: ToLower(Field("Email")),
URL: "innovativeos.com",

var result = ["BEGIN:VCARD", "VERSION:3.0"];
for (var label in info)
if (info[label])
result.push(label + ":" + info[label]);

var EncodingMode = "Byte";
var ErrorCorrectionMode = "M";
var PreferredFormat = "0";
var PointSize = "3.4";
var NoFontTag = false;
var Font = "IDAutomation2D";
var ProcessTilde = false;

function CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag(line, widthInPoints, AllowToExpand)
var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
if (tm.messages)
ReportError("CopyfitMagnifyLine: " + tm.messages);

if (tm.textWidth < widthInPoints*100 && !AllowToExpand)
return line;

var factor = Round(widthInPoints / tm.textWidth * 10000, 0) - 1;
return "<magnify type=pointsize factor=" + factor + ">" + line + "</magnify>"; //this horizontally scales type, to proportional scale type change "type=setwidth" to "type=pointsize"
var textFrameWidth = FindTextFrame("QRBox").GetSettableTextWidth() / 100; //change "ContactBox" to the name of the text frame

return CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag(
'<p br=false linespacing=".833333">' + MakeQRBarcodePreciseSize(result.join(Chr(13) + Chr(10)), ProcessTilde,EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat,PointSize, NoFontTag, Font), textFrameWidth);
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Old September 27th, 2021, 10:03 AM
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Default Re: Using custom phone labels from a field in a QR code

You can't "compute" a property name in a literal object initializer like that. You have to set that property separately, with its own declaration. I can't test this without your data file, but I think you want to do this, AFTER the closing bracket } for the initializer of the "info" object (right before the line starting with "var result"):
info["TEL;type=" + Field("C1Label")] = Field("TollFree");
Dan Korn
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