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Default Re: Defeat regular Output when using FusionPro.Composition.outputFileFullPathName

To exactly what system are you submitting the job? Is it Producer (via the "Use FusionPro Producer" check box in the Composition Settings)?

What happens if you compose the job locally, directly from FP Creator in Acrobat? Does the output go where you expect?
I don't know; I (almost) never compose on the desktop.

What is the version of FusionPro on the composition server?

Thanks, but I need you to be even more specific than that. If you're using Producer, there's no "specified" or "regular" output folder, but there are some specific paths that get set in the Producer Configuration app. There's the Working Folder where all jobs go, but you don't usually see that.
I'm guessing that what you're calling the Working folder is our Output folder. It's where we look for the output of all Producer composition.

There may also be a "Printer Hot Folder" set up in the Producer Configuration. If that's the case, then ALL output files get COPIED to this hot folder, regardless of where they're written, and also regardless of whether the output is redirected with JavaScript.
We have no hot folders.

So, I'll bet that you have a Printer Hot Folder set up in Producer, and that all your output is being copied there. That's by design.
Can this behavior be toggled for a particular job?
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