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Default Re: Copy outside of text box

It's hard to say why that's happening just from the picture. It's possible that the page's trim box was changed after those frames were put down.

At any rate, nudging the frame just a bit (with the arrow keys) should fix it.

Also, you might consider creating the entire table with FusionPro. You can use Form rules in FP 11 and later to build tables without any JavaScript code.
I haven't adjusted the trim boxes.
Tried the nudge and it didn't help.
Is there anything to the Tutorials for the charts other than example files? I'm not following some of the info or where it's coming from in the Tutorial files eg. In the "Statement-OneFile-SimpleTable.pdf" Tutorial in the "Transaction Table" rule where/how is the Data Source "Multi-line records" coming from? Am I missing a following along vs just examples for these Tutorials?
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